Portugal is a great destination for the holidaymakers. Europeans, especially British people, like to have a holiday in Portugal. And Algarve is almost always the destination in mind because of its beautiful beaches. The Silver Coast is also beautiful but is not that expensive, unlike the Algarve region.

There are other great destinations in Portugal. Lisbon, the capital of this historic country, has become a tourist spot. The Portuguese government has also promoted other tourist destinations like the Douro Valley, Alentejo, and Porto Santo Island.

Most of the tourism areas of Portugal are grouped into areas like the Lisbon Coast or Costa de Lisboa, Silver Coast or Costa da Prata, Green Coast or Costa Verde, the Algarve, and the beautiful islands of Madeira and Azores.

The people who are on a holiday can expect wonderful weather, family-friendly hotels, golden beaches, fine cuisine, and a diverse range of activities like horseback riding, big-game fishing, biking, and water sports. There are also other sports available, like tennis and golf. The Silver Coast is a wonderful destination since it has excellent golf facilities.

This site was established to give information about the beautiful Western Region of Portugal, also known as the Silver Coast. This site will also inform the public about any property – whether for sale or for rent in the Silver Coast or other areas of Portugal.

This site will list properties for sale or rent according to area and kind of property. Properties for sale or rent include but not limited to apartments, townhouses, small or luxury villas and other properties. There are also properties that are classified as golf property or beach property.

This site will also feature tips, principles, ideas, and guidelines in renting or buying properties. This feature is especially important for users living in other parts of the world looking for properties to rent or buy in Portugal.