You could be missing so much of the world by simply staying dormant in one place. You could be contented and just be complacent all your life until the end, but how do you really know you’re living?

The world has so much to offer. There is so much fun that you could have when you travel the world and see what it has to offer. So if ever you think about taking a vacation and going past the borders of your country, think about these adventures right here.

All of Asia – Cruise Trip

There are a lot of things you could do in Asia. It ranges from simple things like visiting the remote areas to see what their culture is truly like to going on a Mekong River cruise luxury trip with the family to make it completely worthwhile. Why not go for the gold while you’re at it? Going on a cruise is one of those trips that is not only memorable, but also luxurious.

Sydney, Australia – Bridge Climbing

To all the thrill-seekers out there, here is something that’s not your typical and common sky-diving experience. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is 440-foot and they allow you to climb it to see the panoramic views way up in the sky, even at night, if you’re willing to try it. If you have the guts and love for thrilling adventures, they’ll let you climb it.

Myanmar – Read The World’s Largest Book

There is also an activity here for the introverts and the readers who like to keep it chill while travelling. After checking in one of the Burma luxury hotels, travel to Kuthodaw Pagoda to see the world’s largest book. How big are we talking about? It has 1,460 pages, each 13 centimetres thick, a height of about 153 centimetres and a width of about 107. Try your hand at seeing what the old intellectuals were writing down back in the old days!

Japan – Talk To A Fictional Character

Japan, if it were a person, is that one cool and stoic guy that doesn’t say much but actually has a lot of awesome stuff stored at his house ranging from things like living dragons to maid robots. One thing that the country is famous for is animation. We watch the animated characters through our screens mostly but in Japan, if you’re smart enough, you could actually get to talk to the fictional characters. Technology-wise, Japan has gadgets that are basically tiny holograms that present your favourite characters who can serve you like Amazon’s Alexa so you can talk to them. You can even sign up for a drawing session with a real-life Agguretsuko and watch her throw office materials around.

The great thing about our generation and this era is that travel has now become ten times easier than it was back then. It is much simpler to travel from one country to another compared to back when boats were still being invented. Take advantage of this and see the world with your own eyes. Experience it for yourself.