You want to know what the most famous sport in the world is? Even better, do you have any idea just how many fans that particular sport has? There are a lot of sports in the world, we know this, but do we know which one is the most famous overall? There might be one sport in your country that is very famous and is always talked about, but you would be surprised that it didn’t even land in the top 10s.

With that said, here are the GLOBALLY famous sports of all time!

Basketball – Over 825 Million Fans

Of course you would see this here. I may be a little surprised that it isn’t the top most famous sport there is, since basketball players are more well-known than the players of the most famous sport on this list, at least from our end of the grapevine, but it still pretty much boasts over 825 million fans. Do you have any idea how many people that is? That’s like a combination of numerous countries’ populations combines.

Table Tennis – Over 875 Million Fans

The other name for this, as you may know, is Ping Pong. This sport has been here since the 19th Century, which means Table Tennis has been with us for a hundred years and more. It’s no wonder that Ping pong has this many fans all over the world. It also happens to be a fun sport too, something the school kids do during P.E., if they were feeling up for it.

Tennis – Over 1 Billion

How do you fit a billion people in a stadium just to watch a sport about people whacking balls to each other? Scratch that, how do you get that many for something like this?

Amazing, isn’t it? Back before this was modernised by France, there were actually different versions that the Greeks, the Romans and the Egyptians played, though it’s pretty much the same thing.

Football – Over 4 Billion

Do you know the world’s population? It’s about 7.7 billion. So having about more than half of that as fans of a single type of sport is bananas. It’s a game that everyone in the world, no matter what country, enjoys playing AND watching. The amount of times we have seen a bunch of people go nuts while watching a game is hilarious. It makes sense, since sports tend to hype you up. Back then, there was ancient football, which had been traced back to China, in the early 20th century. That’s even more recent versus table tennis, which only had less than a billion fans. Football is powerful, people.

Not everyone loves sports. But there sure are a LOT who do. That’s just goes to show how powerful something that makes you move your body can get.