Your golfing performance matters and it will be affected by the quality of your iron. They can say all they want about it not mattering what kind of gear you have as long as you have the decent skill for it, the type of gear you will use is still going to be counted in the performance itself. So without further ado and without us having to waste any more of your time, here are the best golfing irons for this year!

For beginners – Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue x Individual Iron

The reason why this one is particularly perfect for beginners is that it won’t punish you for your not-so-decent swing. We don’t have the practiced ease, strength and control of the players and the professionals and at times, we would even get yourself attacked by our own swing, funnily enough. This particular one makes things a little easier for us. It’s lighter, the shaft is longer and the centre of gravity is lower if you somehow make a particularly harsh swing.

For mid-handicappers – Callaway Big Bertha OS iron

A high-quality club meant for distance, control and help with you moving into a lower handicap. This one is available with a steel or a graphite shaft as well as regular or stiff flex. Because of the centre of gravity being emphasized in this one, there is better control and definitely more variance with irons. To give a better example, short irons tend to have more control while the higher irons have a better distance.

For kids – Intech Lancer Junior Golf Club Set

For kids of the age 8 to 12, this set is for them to use and practice with to nurture their game. It’s considerably lighter and a lot more forgiving, since it has to be managed by tiny humans in general. It even comes with a convenient bag so the kids can tote it along as they traverse the field and play. If ever you wanted to gift one of your kids or even nieces and nephews with something, give them this. Assuming they had a thing for golf, that is.

For budget – Wilson Velocity HDX

Ah, of course we can’t leave this one out, considering that not all of us can actually afford the better and expensive ones out there. Say what you want about passion for a hobby, you would still be branded as a fool for taking it too far and spending your entire salary just to satiate your passion. So for that, and with something that doesn’t needlessly make you regret afterwards because of the quality, get this one. Stop wasting your money for things that will inevitably not matter in the end. Some hobbies come and go while some stick to you no matter what. Be careful in how much you’re willing to spend on them though. I know first-hand how it’s like to be consumed by a hobby.