For every sport you find yourself engaging in, you would later realise that just because this one sport uses basically the same thing for each game, it would not mean that a cheap standard thing would make a game the same each time.

Maybe it all comes to skill too. Or maybe it really is the style of quality of the baseball bat that you use. Some of the players that play professionally have bats that have been customised or bought from a really expensive place they go to. And depending on the type they use, it COULD mean the possible win or loss or a game. Sometimes.

The Classic Wood

This is what we mostly use, even if you were just an amateur playing a non-competitive game. It’s the classic type that everyone in the world uses for either professional games or just in a school with your clubs and school competitions. Although it should be noted that the type of wood has been changed a lot from era to era. At least in the major leagues. For some, they use white ash wood, which are thicker and have a dense composition. There are those who use maple wood, which are lighter, however they would break if used regularly. Then the ones that have become really popular are the bamboo and hickory, although they have not been sanctioned for use in professional plays.


You would often see this being used by little leagues because it packs quite a punch even when the strength behind the swinger isn’t much. This is certainly a more biased opinion, however, it far better to use this type of bat when you are either practicing or just swinging that thing around to let out some steam. It gives great damage.


This is lighter than aluminium, due to the fact that they’re made from plastic, graphite and sometimes it has titanium. Although this isn’t allowed to be used in some leagues, this HAS been used by younger players who play a slightly more competitive league. These are a bit more expensive than the aluminium and aren’t as durable right by the handle and barrel area.


Hybrids are the combination for composite and aluminium. Most often, the handle and its sine would be constructed with aluminium and its barrel would be made out of the composite materials. It is great in durability, making it slightly impervious to any warping, defects, bends, dings and dents that happen over time. It is also just as expensive, if not more than, the composite types. Some leagues don’t allow this bat though.

Some other pages would have the same content as this one in terms of the different types of baseball bats. Whether you play professionally of just like to play on occasion or use this for some other activities, you should at least know which types are best for which.